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what we do BEST


First impressions count! A website design is the image or picture that presents your site. Large, professional companies spend money on how they are preceived in the media. You want your site to present that you are:

  • successful and have, as a result the money to spend on a design.
  • pay attention to detail
    A professional design pay’s attention to things like button and background design. Your client can expect the same quality in you service.
  • current with changes in the world
    we can all spot the difference between old special effects and current special effects. The same can be said with the look of your site.
  • have an artist develop your site. We tend to give our self to much credit on what looks best, but it REALLY takes an artist to paint. Artist have above all a feel for colors and what looks good together.


Development is the process of turning the design into code. We generally use WordPress as a base, because it has an easy to use back-end so that clients can keep their site up to date without spending extra per month.

Our developer has been working full time developing American websites for the last 5 years and South African websites for the last 10 years. This is 10 years of improvement that went into every site he build.

Today there are a great number of people developing websites, but they are not necessary Website Engineers with the ability to program. This gives us the edge to develop custom pages if the need arises.


Speed, speed and speed. We make use of a very professional hosting company, with servers in South Africa that gives 24 hours support. Sites hosted abroad do have a second or two delay on every download/action.

There is also no limit on pages you can have on your site. We make use of shared hosting for our clients and have more than enough space for most websites. Anything above the normal, can be arranged.

Most of our clients do not want to be bothered with the details, but we can offer c-panel access to your site.